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Most Anticipated Metal Album Releases of 2022. Stay Up-to-Date with the Latest Heavy-Hitting Music

Category : Album releases 2022 | Sub Category : Most Anticipated Albums of 2022 Posted on 2023-05-18 14:48:47

Most Anticipated Metal Album Releases of 2022. Stay Up-to-Date with the Latest Heavy-Hitting Music

With its strong guitar riffs, resounding percussion, and screeching vocals, heavy metal has long won the hearts of music aficionados. Metal fans eagerly await the arrival of new albums from their favourite bands every year. Metal fans can look forward to a thrilling year in 2022 thanks to the release of a number of highly anticipated albums. Well examine at some of the most eagerly awaited metal album releases of 2022 in this post, so pay attention.


TBA: Metallica

Metallica, one of the most recognizable metal bands of all time, has been tease fans by dropping hints regarding the release of their new album. The record has not been given a name yet, but its anticipated to be among 2022s most important releases.



TBA: Iron Maiden

In 2022, the venerable British heavy metal band Iron Maiden will release their 17th studio album and make a comeback. The album, which will be their first since The Book of Souls in 2015, will definitely be eagerly awaited by fans all across the world.



TBA: Lamb of God

Lamb of God, a metal band from Virginia, has been hard at work on their new album for a while, and fans cant wait to hear it. The album is anticipated to be among the most important metal albums of 2022, yet the band has not yet revealed its title, track list, or release date.



upcoming tool

The wait for Tools upcoming album has been extensive because the band is known for taking their time between releases. But now that the group is back in the studio, fans cant wait to hear what the masters of progressive metal have in store for them in 2022.


TBA Megadeth

Megadeth, the forerunners of thrash metal, have been teasing their new album for a while, with leader Dave Mustaine even claiming that it might be their best work to date. The record is already generating a lot of hype in the metal community and is scheduled to be released in 2022.



Tolerance Gojira

The next album Fortitude by the French metal band Gojira, one of the most eagerly awaited releases of 2022, is already making ripples in the metal scene. Every metal lover should give the album a try because it is anticipated to be a crucial turning point in their career.


Hushed and Grim by Mastodon

The upcoming album Hushed and Grim by Atlanta-based metal band Mastodon is anticipated to rank among 2022s most important albums. Their earlier work is regarded to have been a departure from this concept album, which has a deeper and introspective tone.



Infinite Granite by Deafheaven

With their distinctive sound, Deafheaven has been pushing the limits of black metal, and their new album Infinite Granite is no exception. A more melodic and atmospheric style is anticipated for the album, which is anticipated to represent a big change from their prior work.


Fear Factory - Continuum of Aggression

In 2022, the pioneers of industrial metal, Fear Factory, will release Aggression Continuum, their tenth studio album. The record, which is anticipated to be a celebration of Raymond Herreras legacy, will be the group first to be released following his terrible death as drummer and founding member.



Unimaginable Violence in Cannibal Corpse

Legendary death metal band Cannibal Corpse will release Violence Unimagined, their fifteenth studio album, in 2022. With a focus on speed and ferocity, the album is supposed to be a return to the bands beginnings, making it a widely anticipated release.

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