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Illuminating the Acid Music Scene in the UK: Artists and Labels to Watch

Category : | Sub Category : Posted on 2023-10-30 21:24:53

Illuminating the Acid Music Scene in the UK: Artists and Labels to Watch

Introduction: The United Kingdom has always been at the forefront of groundbreaking music movements, and the Acid genre is no exception. Known for its distinctive sound characterized by hypnotic, distorted synths and 303 acid basslines, Acid Music is thriving in the UK. In this article, we delve into the vibrant Acid music scene, exploring some of the talented artists and labels that are shaping the sound and pushing boundaries. 1. A Guy Called Gerald: One of the pioneers of Acid Music, A Guy Called Gerald, hailing from Manchester, played a significant role in bringing the genre to the UK in the late '80s. His iconic track "Voodoo Ray" remains a timeless Acid anthem. With his penchant for fusing Acid with other genres like techno and house, A Guy Called Gerald continues to push boundaries within the scene. 2. Posthuman: London-based duo Posthuman, comprising Josh Doherty and Rich Bevan, are known for their innovative blend of Acid, techno, and electronica. Their record label, "I Love Acid," has become synonymous with the genre, championing both established and emerging Acid artists. Posthuman's intricate production skills and captivating live performances make them a force to be reckoned with. 3. Balkan Vinyl: Balkan Vinyl stands out as one of the leading Acid-focused record labels in the UK. Founded by UK Acid legend, Luke Vibert, the label releases music that spans Acid, techno, and IDM genres. Balkan Vinyl is dedicated to keeping the Acid flame alive, with a roster that includes both new and established artists. Their compilations, such as the "Post-Acid" series, showcase the evolving sound of the genre. 4. Solid Blake: Originally from Denmark but now based in London, Solid Blake has been making waves in the Acid circuit with her dark and industrial take on the genre. As part of the renowned collective "Apeiron Crew" and a resident DJ at legendary club night "Jaded," Solid Blake has gained a reputation for her mesmerizing DJ sets, infusing Acid elements into her diverse mix of techno and electro. 5. Happy Skull: Another influential label within the Acid scene is Bristol-based Happy Skull. With releases ranging from Acid to leftfield electronica, Happy Skull consistently delivers fresh and cutting-edge sounds. Their commitment to nurturing emerging talent and pushing the boundaries of Acid music has earned them a dedicated following. Conclusion: The Acid music scene in the UK is thriving with a diverse range of artists and labels pushing the boundaries of the genre. From the pioneers like A Guy Called Gerald to the forward-thinking labels like Balkan Vinyl and Happy Skull, the UK continues to be a hotbed for innovative Acid music. With artists like Posthuman and Solid Blake pushing the envelope and keeping the scene alive, the future of Acid in the UK looks bright and promising. Keep an eye out for these artists and labels for an authentic Acid music experience. If you are enthusiast, check the following link Take a deep dive into this topic by checking: Seeking expert advice? Find it in Want to learn more? Start with: To learn more, take a look at: to Get more information at visit: To find answers, navigate to To learn more, take a look at: Have a visit at

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